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Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, ... social media, they can no longer be ignored from 2020. The time when having a website meant that you as an academy were part of the "Digital transformation" is long gone.

The corona crisis has exposed the need to keep up with the digital world, to be present online, to not also be able to support students and teachers online. From 2020, let us not only remember the negative things that corona brought with it: the extra stress, the definition of remote music education, the technical flaws of Zoom, microphones that did not want to go ... But let's put a positive spin on it. and take the opportunity to thoroughly rethink the digital presence of your academy. So that - after the corona crisis - we can also look with pride at what is better than before, what corona has taught us.

Image by NordWood Themes

As a graduated computer scientist, I have the technical skills and knowledge to guide you in that process of digital transformation. On the other hand, as a musician, I am at home in the music world, I know how a music academy works. All this makes it easier for us to communicate. We can define exactly what your students, your teachers, your audience can find on each channel, based on their expectations. Because not every social media channel serves the same purpose and reaches the same audience.

In 2019-2020 I already redefined and designed the new website and facebook page of the Capital Art Academy of Brussels , and next school year I will also do the same for the academy of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and Etterbeek. Does your academy also need a new website, newsletter, instagram profile, facebook page, ..., please contact me and we will look at the possibilities!

Below you will find a selection from my portfolio of created websites.

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