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As a graduated computer scientist I can juggle with computers and I also know what the needs are for a website as a musician or music teacher. In short, maybe I am the right person to help you create your website that you can easily keep up-to-date in the long term.

Personal website

Today, a personal website is the ideal way to profile yourself professionally. You can show who you are, what you have to offer to others on this planet and what you are passionate about in life. It tells so much more about you than a simple CV on an A4 sheet can say. Especially as a musician, because a video or image says more than 1000 words. And let's face it, when we are looking for someone, the first thing we do is Google the person quickly, right? This also happens during auditions, you are briefly passed through the search engine. Parents undoubtedly do that too, just google the new teacher of their dear son or daughter. And who would not rather be in control of what image the other sees than that we have to leave it to the algorithms of search engines?

CV layout

If, in addition to your personal website, you still need an "old-fashioned" CV on an A4 sheet, I can also give it a layout that matches your personal website in terms of style.

Social media guidance

If the terms Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, SoundC loud, Google+, Youtube, ... could just as well be Chinese words for you, then you might need some social media guidance! I can play your guide to getting your bearings in that virtual world or help you set up the social media channels that match the profiling you need.

Logo design

Do you always want just that little bit more? The icing on the cake, being hip and having your own logo to make all your social media channels recognizable to your audience? Let us talk about that for a moment, something beautiful will probably come out!

Social media
CV lay out
Logo ontwerp

Below some of the websites I have recently made:

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